5 Benefits of Outsourcing School Uniforms For Business Managers and Principals

We want new uniforms for our school. Though where do we start, how much time will we need to allocate to design, manufacture and then manage a uniform range? Our school’s resources are stretched at the best of times, how are we going to manage this project? Simple, lets outsource!

Look for a school uniform supplier that can do everything from design to retailing. Below we list 5 reasons why it is worth your school outsourcing and the benefits it will bring to the business management team at school.

Student wearing school uniform  FREE EBOOK Thinking New School Uniforms? Where To Start

1. Working capital not tied up in stock

Firstly, by working with an external company that can produce and manage this entire project means they are the ones that fund the stock. This frees up valuable working capital the school can better use for education purposes.

 2. Removes burden of staffing a uniform shop

The right company will set up an onsite shop at the school. They will generally provide a staff member to open the shop at mutually agreed times for easy accessibility for parents. This staff member comes with experience and knowledge of school uniforms and how they fit and perform. If a staff member needs to be hired companies/schools like to employ a parent with the right skills from within the school community. In this case full training and product knowledge is provided so they can perform at their best for the school.

 3. Online uniform shop is provided

An online uniform shop is also provided so parents that cannot make it to school are able to order at their convenience. An experienced school uniform supplier has their own templates and platforms to work from. Hence the school does not need to invest its own money into web development for uniforms. Again, freeing up the school’s capital for other purposes.

4. Removes costs for insurance

As the cost of the stock worn by the provider, the annual insurance costs are as well. No lump sum payments for stock liability, more available working capital from the school’s budget.

 5. Reduced wait times for stock

An experienced company will have cyclical data on the peak times and know how to manage stock levels accordingly. For example, the beginning of any school year is the busiest time with new students starting, stock levels need to be high across all product lines. If a different uniform is required for winter another peak time will be towards the end of term 1 as parents fit out their children ready for terms 2 and 3.

 Thinking New School Uniforms? Where To Start

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