Fleece Fabric for the Colder Mornings

We all love and appreciate the comfort of a warm hoodie on those colder mornings.

Some may think that the warmth and comfort in our fleecy jackets comes from the wool of a sheep, however fleece fabric is traditionally made of a 100 per-cent synthetic material that is derived from a synthetic fibre.

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The traditional fleece

Traditional fleece fabric comes from polyester, which is made from plastic. Polyester fleece is extremely warm because of its structure. The pile surface provides space for air pockets between the threads, and this goes for both sides of the fabric. It is moisture-resistant which means it is easy to wash and dry, whilst keeping the wearer warm even under extreme weather conditions. 

It was invented in the late 1980s by textile researchers at Malden Mills a textile maker in the US.

From liquid plastic to a fleece jacket diagramThe diagram shows the process*. Plastic chips are emptied into a vat and heated, then the liquid plastic is forced through spinnerets. The strands flow out of the machine and are coiled into barrels or open containers. The spinning machine twists the strand into a much finer diameter and collects the finished yarn onto huge spools. The polyester is woven into a light fabric, which is then brushed, sometimes twice, to achieve greater volume in the fibres.
The term "fleece" can also refer to the wool from one sheep but this is not the same as fleece fabric; fleece fabric was invented to imitate wool as it has been found to be lighter in weight and warmer than traditional wool.

 *Credit for the process image www.madehow.com

Beneficial blending

Fleece fabric can incorporate other fibres such as cotton, wool or rayon. Hemp fleece, for example, is a blend of hemp and other natural fibres. Fleece may incorporate other fibres to create a certain texture or to make coloured ink designs become more or less vibrant in colour.

Fleece fabric can also be made from recycled plastic bottles. Traditional fleece is generally composed of polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, the same synthetic material used to make soft drink bottles. The PET gives fleece its durability.

Devon Clothing brush their fleece fabric twice giving the fabric a comforting and thicker feel.

When it comes to comfort you want the best and as we head into the cooler months, double-brushed fleece fabric is the perfect choice for those colder mornings.

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Click here to request a double brushed  fleece fabric sample from Devon Clothing

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