It's all about the Uniform

In Australia, each school or school system can set its own uniform policy. Wearing a uniform is compulsory in most Australian private and all Catholic schools, as well as in most public schools, although it is sometimes less enforced in primary schools that have uniforms.

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In today's age of heightened brand awareness, there are many reasons to have school uniforms. When everyone is dressed the same, worrying about what they look like isn't quite so important. Let’s face it, school uniforms are not fashionable, they may not be what your children would wear in their own time, however it provides a sense of belonging, takes away the pressure of what to wear and deters the bullies.

A school uniform can even be as simple as requiring collared shirts or restricting colour choices and limiting the items to a dress-code students can wear, possibly unbranded.

A school uniform teaches students to dress smartly and take pride in their appearance.  Wearing a uniform  can help students to prepare for when they leave school where they may have to wear a corporate suit or wear branded business wear.

Importantly, a uniform means that students don't have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. There is no competition about being dressed in the latest trend, which can put a great deal of financial pressure on students and parents alike. Potential bullies have one less target for their insults; it’s hard to make fun of what someone is wearing when they are dressed the same.

Many parents would agree that school mornings are hectic. Wearing a school uniform can save some of that precious time in the mornings. Decisions don’t have to be made because the same uniforms are worn from week to week. All kids need to do is grab their uniform and there is less worry on whether it matches or not.

Interestingly, what most excites children going to school for the first time is usually their uniform. Every five-year-old all set for their first day at school, can appreciate that wearing their school uniform is rather cool and as a parent it shows a powerful statement of belonging.

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Thinking New School Uniforms? Where To Start

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