Key Fabric Properties of School Uniforms

School uniforms are subjected to pretty rough treatment. The joys of being a kid again, running, climbing, kicking, catching, chasing and crawling your way around a playground for fun! Kids will be the toughest market on clothing, let’s build your uniform to withstand the wear and tear. The fabric used to make school uniforms will determine the long-term durability and the comfort for the wearer. 

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Good fabric properties

  • Colour fastness
  • Stain resistance
  • Shrinkage
  • Anti-pilling
  • Crease resistant
  • Wash and wear
  • High tear strength
  • Breathability
  • Skin friendly

Ideally a material that is a blend of polyester and a natural fibre works best. A good school uniform will need to be laundered and cared for easily. Parents are time poor and elements of school uniforms generally need a wash after one wear.

  • 100% polyester material is great because is doesn’t tend to crease and washes easily, however it has some bad properties as well. Polyester is a man-made fibre that does not breathe. It traps the heat and can give the feeling of wearing plastic. It is not absorbent so not ideal for warm weather.
  • 100% nylon is a lot like polyester, strong and lightweight, however is best used when blended with natural fibres.
  • 100% cotton breathes very well but also is hard to launder as it creases a lot and is difficult to iron. Cotton can shrink with incorrect washing and dark colours can fade over time. It is a more expensive material than a blend.
  • 100% wool breathes well, insulates well but can shrink if not laundered properly. It also can have an itchy feel if not blended with another fibre.


The most popular material blends for clothing items are:
  • polyester/cotton: woven shirts, polo shirts, knit rugby tops, dresses, brimmed hats, caps
  • polyester/viscose: pants, shorts, skirts, brimmed hats, caps
  • wool/polyester: jumpers, blazers
  • polyester: ties


When designing your school uniform, work with a trusted manufacturer that will take the time to go through the fabrics and advise on the right materials for your school uniform. The right material will have the students comfortable and performing at their best plus keep the parents happy with the ease of laundering.

Devon Clothing only source fabrics that comply with the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard. Read more on our ethical sourcing and sustainability guidelines  here.

 Thinking New School Uniforms? Where To Start

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