Key questions to ask your staff before choosing a new corporate uniform

Developing and purchasing a well-designed branded uniform for your company is an exciting part of marketing and brand identity. The process will require time and effort to do it right. As a director or manager, you need to start with understanding the company brand and what you want the uniform to do for the business.

Key questions to ask your staff


  Corporate Uniforms: Staff Questionnaire



 It is important to understand the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of the uniform?
  • Who will wear it? 
  • When will it be worn?
  • How many pieces of clothing will it include?
  • What is the budget?
  • How will it be subsidised? Who will pay? 

Once these questions have been answered it is time to get the staff involved. Consult with staff members from all levels in the business. Give them buy in so they have a greater sense of ownership when the uniform is rolled out and understand their needs for the tasks they perform. Different levels in your business may have different requirements. For example, the sales team may need a more formal uniform compared to the administration team.

After all, you will want your staff to be comfortable and confident in their new work attire. This will result in increased staff morale and company pride. 

Corporate Uniforms: Staff Questionnaire

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